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Private Label Hair Care Products Manufacturer

High Quality Raw Materials Are Responsibly Grown and Sourced

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Custom Hair Care Manufacturer

Forecasting popular trends + Superior R&D + Striking Presentation = Winning Formula

Low MOQ Manufacturer

Just getting started or launching a new product? No problem. We’ll help you with a low 1,000 MOQ.

Organic & Natural

Ingredients are vegan, fair trade, ethically sourced, sustainably grown & cultivated and never tested on animals.

Private Label Research & Development


Develop, Customize & Match Any Formula

  • New product development and lab prototypes
  • Claim substantiation via clinical testing coordination
  • Microbial, initial & ongoing product stability testing
  • Competitive product analysis

Custom Blending

From special orders to SMALL, MEDIUM TO LARGE fulfillment.

We offer the ability to blend small to large runs from:

  • Products
  • Process
  • Purity and Quality Control
  • Equipment
  • Confidentiality

Filling & Packaging Private Label Hair Care Products


  • Liquids & Semi liquids
  • Cold & Hot  fills
  • Creams & Lotions
  • Gels
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Pomades
  • Dry Shampoo and more

Supply Chain Management


  • Capable of scaling to fit your needs
  • Hands-on Management every aspect of planning and procurement

Manufacturing Private Label Hair Care Products

If you are looking to build your brand around generic and ready to ship private label hair care products then we probably are not the right fit. Based on our experience with previous clients, we believe it is very difficult to build a successful hair care brand when choosing products from a catalog.

This business model makes it easy to get started. All you have to do is select for a list of ready made hair products and supply your packaging and labels. Some private label hair care manufacturers can even supply packaging and your label. You could be in business in as little as two weeks.  However, following this model can create problems that are difficult to correct later.

This business model presents two major challenges.

One of the challenges is your competition can offer the same product as you. The only difference is your packaging and label. Today’s hair care customer is savvy. They know what they’re looking for. Many read the ingredient labels and are looking for certain active ingredients. They’are aware of harmful ingredients in hair products and can quickly tell whether or not your product is superior or just another average hair care product.

The other challenge is product pricing. If your competition is offering essentially the same product as you but at a cheaper price then your sales could suffer as a result. This model forces you to compete on price. You could take the chance and continue to offer the same product for sale at a higher price or discount your price. This will affect your ROI unless your marketing is better then theirs.

The question you should ask yourself is if you want to build a brand around products that every other competitor has access to, or do you want to offer something that is unique to you and your brand. If you’re looking to create a unique hair care line then please continue reading.

About Our Private Labeling Hair Care Products

We are a custom private label hair care manufacturer. We don’t believe you should have to choose from a list of ready made products. We don’t have a catalog to choose from. We will formulate your product based on your exact wants and needs. No two products that we make are exactly the same. Rest assured that your clients wont be able to find your formula somewhere else.

Offering a unique formula allows you to control your prices and profit margins.

If you’re looking for a custom private label hair care product that is superior and stands out from other brands then youve come to the right place.

Premium Hair Care Formulations

Our R&D hair care team specializes in creating winning products. When your clients try your new product they will come back for more. We have done this time-and-time again for our clients and are confident it will work for you, too!

Are unsure your product is going to be a winner? Don’t worry! Our R&D and Marketing Department are experts at creating successful products that sell and predicting upcoming trends.
GLM is an FDA registered facility.


  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Styling Balms, Creams & Serums
  • Styling Gels & Mousse
  • Styling Hairsprays
  • Styling Sprays & Mists
  • Styling Teasing Powders
  • Private Label Men’s Hair Products
  • Private Label Curly Hair Products
  • Private Label Hair Products for Salons
  • Private Label Styling Hair Products: Wax, Paste and Creams

    and more

Our minimums are 1,000 for a custom private label hair care formula.

WHAT TO DO NEXT: Find Manufacturers of Hair Products

If you’re serious about private label natural or organic hair products then get in touch with us. We’ve helped many other individuals and established brands.

To learn what we can do for you and your business please fill in the contact form or call 248-733-3199.

Learn How We Can Help You Grow Your Hair Care Brand!

High Quality Raw Materials Are Responsibly Grown and Sourced

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation: